“People told us we were crazy. We took it as a compliment.”

Linda Rottenberg, Co-founder & CEO, Endeavor


Endeavor was formed as a new kind of non-profit organization.

In 1997, Linda Rottenberg and Peter Kellner sat down and, like many entrepreneurs before and after, sketched their vision on the back of a napkin. Peter had just returned from a Harvard Business School trip to China, where he had witnessed first-hand the boom in entrepreneurship that would transform that country.

For Linda, the light bulb moment for Endeavor came in the back of a taxi cab in Buenos Aires. She struck up a conversation with the driver and was shocked to learn he had a PhD in Engineering. She asked if he hadn’t considered becoming an entrepreneur instead of driving a taxi. “An empresario?” he said dismissively, using the Spanish word for a big businessman. It suddenly occurred to her that there was no Spanish word for “entrepreneur.”

The “business plan” that began on the back of a napkin has become a shared vision, cultivated and expanded by board members, staff and entrepreneurs around the globe. Their passion and commitment have created a movement and transformed Endeavor into something far bigger than the founders could have imagined.



Endeavor launches in Chile and Argentina.

Endeavor holds its first International Selection Panel in Santiago, Chile.

Endeavor launches in Brazil and Uruguay.



TIME Magazine recognizes Linda Rottenberg

as a “Top 100 Innovator for the 21st Century.”

Endeavor launches in Mexico.
The organization selects its 100th Entrepreneur.

The first Harvard Business School case study about Endeavor is written and taught.

“Endeavor: Creating a Global Movement for High-Impact Entrepreneurship”
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Edgar Bronfman, Jr. becomes Chairman of Endeavor’s Global Board.
Endeavor launches in South Africa

marking the first office in the African region.



Endeavor companies grow by 62% in revenues

despite the Latin American currency crisis.

Endeavor launches in Colombia and Turkey.
James Wolfensohn, former president of The World Bank, joins Endeavor’s Global Board.
Endeavor Brazil initiates “Entrepreneur Give-Back” program

to support Endeavor’s sustainability goals.

Argentina’s MercadoLibre becomes the first Endeavor company to go public on the NASDAQ.
Endeavor celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Stanford’s Graduate School of Business case study on Endeavor is written and taught.

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Endeavor receives a $10 million commitment from Omidyar Network.

Wences Casares joins the Global Board

becoming the first Endeavor Entrepreneur to do so.

Andy Freire is the named the chairman of Endeavor Argentina

becoming the first Endeavor Entrepreneur to serve as a country board chairman.

Endeavor launches in Jordan and opens a San Francisco satellite office.
Endeavor Insight is formed

to study entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world.



Endeavor launches in Egypt

among the uprisings and economic changes of the “Arab Spring”.

Endeavor becomes a lead host of Global Entrepreneurship Week in ten countries.
Argentina’s MercadoLibre becomes the first Endeavor company to go public on the NASDAQ.
Endeavor celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Stanford’s Graduate School of Business case study on Endeavor is written and taught.

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Endeavor launches in Saudi Arabia, Greece and Indonesia

with the latter two marking the first entries into Europe and Asia.

Endeavor Catalyst makes its first investment in Argentina’s Globant.
Endeavor’s first U.S. affiliate launches in Miami, FL

taking the organization’s focus beyond emerging markets.

Endeavor launches in Malaysia, Morocco and the UAE.



Argentina’s Globant goes public on the NYSE

marking Endeavor Catalyst’s first investment to go public.

Endeavor launches in the Philippines, Spain and Peru.
The organization selects its 1,000th Entrepreneur into the network.
Endeavor launches in the U.S. cities of Louisville, KY, and Detroit, MI, as well as in Bulgaria.
Endeavor is honored with the 2015 Henry R. Kravis Prize in Nonprofit Leadership

an honor akin to a Nobel Prize for the nonprofit sector.

Turkey’s Yemeksepeti is acquired for an industry record $589 million

marking Endeavor Catalyst’s second investment to have an exit.

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