2021 was an incredible year for Endeavor! Endeavor supports over 2000 entrepreneurs across 40 countries and 8 U.S. markets – and counting. Our global network supports over 50 Unicorns (companies valued at $1B+) and our regional market continues to grow across Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. 


Globally, Endeavor Entrepreneurs employ over 4.1M people and generate over $28.7B in annual revenue. The high-growth Endeavor Entrepreneurs across our region have created over 1,650 jobs, generated over $250M in revenue, and have grown 78% on average after Endeavor selection.

Most importantly, Endeavor Entrepreneurs pay it forward by reinvesting their success into the next generation of great entrepreneurs. This is the multiplier-effect or, if you will, the power of compounding in action. The impact will only get bigger and increase exponentially. 

Indeed it was an exciting and productive 2021 amidst all the challenges, and our plans for 2022 are even more ambitious as we continue to harness the power of the Endeavor network to catalyze impact around the world.

We encourage you to check out our 2021 Regional Impact Report to see how the Endeavor network is pulling the future forward. View the report here. 

Scale Up, Go Big, Give Back!

– Jackson, Jake, Raechele, Tim, and Team Endeavor

Our Impact by the Numbers

While much of the value of Endeavor’s network comes from building strong relationships, we also measure our success with data. Endeavor strives to measure impact through the number of jobs created by our entrepreneurs, the revenue they generate, and the capital they raise to accomplish their growth.


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companies supported by Endeavor across our region

Entrepreneur Success Stories

Each Endeavor Entrepreneur overcame challenges, innovated, and continued scaling their companies in 2021. Here is a snapshot of some of the top stories from our network:

  • AppHarvest Went Public via SPAC: AppHarvest became Endeavor’s first Unicorn in the US. Endeavor Catalyst invested in AppHarvest’s Series C round and EY supported their SPAC process. 
  • Ankur Gopal Featured in Endeavor’s North Atlantic Summit: Endeavor Entrepreneur Ankur Gopal, CEO of Interapt, was a featured speaker in our annual summit around the future of work and talent
  • LISNR Teamed Up With Paga: Fellow Endeavor companies partnered to facilitate payments across Paga’s markets in sub-Saharan Africa. CEO Rodney Williams connected with Endeavor’s team in Nigeria and South Africa.
  • BehaVR Landed Potential $140M Pharmaceutical Partnership: Aaron Gani from BehaVR closed a co-development deal with DSP from Japan. He was supported by Endeavor’s offices in Spain and Japan.
  • EdjSports Completed Merger to Publicly List: The company, led by Sean O’Leary, merged with Champion Gaming to go public on the TSX Venture Exchange under ticker WAGR

Beyond the fantastic successes of Endeavor Entrepreneurs, our network of globally-renowned mentors and supporters added value to entrepreneurs in our network:

  • Endeavor Mentor Nate Skinner Joins DemandJump’s Board: After an Endeavor Mentoring session, Nate Skinner (SVP at Oracle) decided to join DemandJump’s board, saying “I believe Demandjump is a killer app for marketing teams”
  • Stephen Shedletzky from Simon Sinek Inc. Joins Endeavor’s Mentor Network: Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO of Casted, said “I had the BEST conversation with Stephen… I left so inspired [and] even more excited about the next stage of Casted’s growth” 
  • Global Mentors Share Their Stories with Endeavor’s Network: Through our monthly regional entrepreneur community call, guests including Matt Blumberg (founder of Return Path), Fiona Mullan (former VP of HR at Facebook), and Frank Dale (SVP at Salesloft) connected with our network of entrepreneurs.
  • Leading VCs Give Insights to Entrepreneurs: Global investors from Radian Capital, Softbank’s Opportunity Fund, and Endeavor’s Catalyst fund joined a panel to answer questions and share insights with entrepreneurs raising capital in 2022. 



How Endeavor Supports High-Impact Entrepreneurs

At Endeavor, our mission is to unlock the transformational power of entrepreneurs by selecting, supporting, and investing in the world’s top founders to help them achieve large-scale growth. Endeavor works in emerging and overlooked markets around the world, and we encourage entrepreneurs to Scale Up, Go Big, and most importantly, Give Back. 

To learn more about our global network and how we support entrepreneurs in the Midwest, see our 2021 Regional Impact Report here. For more information, please visit our regional and global websites.


About Endeavor

Endeavor is the world’s leading community of high-growth entrepreneurs. Founded in 1997, Endeavor unlocks the transformational power of entrepreneurship by selecting, supporting, and investing in the world’s top founders to help them achieve large-scale growth. Today, Endeavor’s network spans over 40 countries and supports more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, whose companies generate combined revenues of over $28.7 billion, employ more than 4.1 million people, and, in 2020, raised over $4 billion in capital including from Endeavor Catalyst, our rules based venture capital fund. Endeavor’s unique entrepreneur-first model, peer-to-peer community, and trust-based network provides a platform and resources for founders to dream big, scale up, and pay it forward to the next generation. Learn more at www.endeavor.org.