At Endeavor, we pride ourselves on having an expansive network of high impact entrepreneurs that we provide support to. That support includes a long list of Endeavor mentors that connect with our founders and provide them the advice and resources they need to take their companies to the next level.

Here are some of the incredible people we are so honored to work with.

Mentor: Martin Low
Louisville, KY

Martin holds a BA in Economics and a MA in Human Resource Management from the University of Illinois. Since graduating, Martin has worked in the human resources department for Ford, Lear, CBIZ Human Capital Services, Cummins, Amazon, Labsco, McKesson, and Blue Apron. Currently, he is the CEO and Founder of On Plane Consulting, a company that helps build organizational effectiveness in small businesses and startups.

Martin’s experiences have built up an extensive skill set in scaling talent. He excels in culture, performance management, organizational design, recruiting, and training and development. He has also developed skills in board building, strategic planning, partnerships, and even Six Sigma. With his 20 years of experience in HR, Martin is able to mentor and bring great value to entrepreneurs in numerous aspects of organizational structure. 


Mentor: Christian Beck
Indianapolis, IN

Christian Beck holds a BA in Geography, a BS in Informatics, and a MS in Human-Computer Interaction from Indiana University Bloomington. Christian has worked as an Associate Instructor at Indiana University Bloomington when he taught two labs in the Department of Informatics, UX designer for Autodesk and Teradata, Design Leadership Forum Member for InVision, and a Member at Revenue Collective. Currently, Christian is at Innovatemap where he started as Principal Design Partner and is now an Executive Partner.

Christian has developed strong skills in product & tech from UX design to product management. He also has the ability to build tech teams and boards. Christian is able to utilize his great skill in UX design to mentor entrepreneurs to create the best user interface for their software. 


Mentor: Daniela Yoder

Daniela attended Miami (OH) University where she studied Business, Finance, Marketing, Economics, and General Business. She also has a MBA in Business, Managements, Marketing, and Related Support Services from Xavier University. In 2015, she attended the Leadership Development Institute at the University of Cincinnati. Upon graduating from Miami University, she worked as Senior Vice President at Valuation Research Corporation for 15 years. Currently, Daniela is a General Partner for Cherub Fund and the Vice President and CFO for Venture First. 

These experiences have developed great skill in valuation, mergers & acquisitions, seed & angel investing, budgeting, cash flow management, and strategic planning. Daniela is able to use these skills to mentor entrepreneurs on their value and how to raise capital. 


Mentor: Dan Dawes
Indianapolis, IN

Dan holds a BS in Agriculture Economics from Purdue University. Dan is still involved with Purdue University as the Chairman of The Board Of Directors of the Purdue Alumni Association and an Entrepreneur in Residence for Purdue Research Foundation. Dan worked for DuPont Crop Protection for 24 years in multiple roles such as Marketing, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Global Product Manager, and Business Unit Leader. Currently, Dan is the Senior Director for Strategy & Innovation at AgriNovus Indiana. 

Dan has developed skills in Six Sigma, strategic planning, sales management, and business development in the agriculture industry. Dan leverages his incredible career in agriculture to mentor Endeavor Entrepreneurs globally in agriculture, and he also supports companies seeking to expand into the US.


Mentor: Elizabeth Rounsavall
Louisville, KY

Elizabeth holds a BA in English from Yale University and a MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Elizabeth has worked for the Association of American Publishers as a Staff Assistant, a Manager at Simon & Schuster, a Technical Consultant at McGraw-Hill, a Senior Associate at Booz & Company, and Director of Research & Analytics at Chrysalis Ventures. Currently, she is a partner and female investor at Rounsavall Investments.

Through all these roles, Elizabeth has developed great skill in mergers & acquisitions, seed & angel investing, VC & growth capital, strategic planning, business intelligence, and budgeting & cost structure. Elizabeth has been a panelist for both LSP and ISP. 


Mentor: Bob Kottler
New Orleans, LA

Bob holds a BSM in Marketing and a MBA in Finance from Tulane University. Bob worked various roles at Hibernia National Bank for 15 years such as Vice President Credit Officer, Vice President Small Business Loan Center Management, Senior Vice President Small Business Banking, Executive Vice President Marketing and Delivery Channel Management, and Senior Executive Vice president Chief Sales Support Officer. He also worked as Executive Vice President Texas Denovo Banking Group and Small Business Banking at Capital One and Executive Vice President as Director of Retail & Small Business Banking at IBERIABANK. Currently, Bob is Executive Vice President as Chief Revenue Officer at White Clay.

Bob has an exceptional skill set in banking, strategic planning, risk & product management, and enterprise sales. Bob offers great mentorship in financial services to entrepreneurs.


Mentor: Thomas Schuhmann
Louisville, KY

Thomas holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Biomedical Engineering from Duke University and a PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University. Thomas has worked as a Systems Engineer for the United States Department of Defense, a Graduate Student Researcher at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and a Technology Resident at X, the moonshot factory.

Thomas has a tremendous skill set in data analytics, electrical engineering, R&D innovation, neural networks, product management, and procurement. Thomas helps mentor entrepreneurs of tech companies to help develop their technology. 


Mentor: Bianca Caban
San Francisco, CA

Bianca holds a BA in Social Studies from Harvard University and a MBA from Columbia Business School. Bianca has worked as a Equity Research Analyst at Credit Suisse, a Global Client Group Associate at BlackRock, Founding Team Member & Chief of Staff at Atlas Merchant Capital, the Director of the Resolution Leadership Council at The Resolution Project, Entrepreneur & Managing Partner at Taino Capital LLC, in Young Leaders Circle at Milken Institute, as a Founding Board Member at AccessLatina 501c3, a Global Shaper at World Economic Forum, CEO at SheWorx, and as Director and then Head of Partnerships at Republic. Currently, Bianca is an Advisory Board Member at Lilu, INC and Principal at Heartland Ventures. 

Bianca has a vast skill set in corporate venture capital, seed & angel investing, board building, data analytics, financial modeling, and market research. Bianca mentors entrepreneurs in raising capital. 


Mentor: Tara Goode
Louisville, KY

Tara holds a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of West Florida and a MS in International Relations & Global Studies from Troy University. Tara has worked as Public Information Officer at Pierce County Public Works & Utilities, Special Projects Coordinator at City of Enterprise, Co-Founder at Progressions Public Relations & Consulting, LLC, Head of Client Services at Enterprise Electronics Corporation, Public Relations & Communications Manager and Senior Global Communications Manager at Genscape, Inc, and Principal at Fleur de Lis Communications. Currently, Tara is Vice President Strategic Partnerships at Climavision, Founder at Project ACE, and Co-Founder & Strategic Partner at Fleur de Lis Communications.

Tara has immense skill sets in scaling talent such as managing remote teams, organizational design & culture, performance management, firing & layoffs, and training & development; in operations such as customer service and business intelligence; in marketing & sales such as public relations, strategic planning, partnerships, and brand management; and in leadership such as change management and communication. Tara mentors entrepreneurs in a wide variety of ways. General business such as partnerships, public relations, and strategic communications are the more prominent focuses in mentorship.


Mentor: John McDonald
Indianapolis, IN

John holds an AS and BS in Management Information Systems and Computer Information Technology from Purdue University. John has worked as a Marketing Sales Assistant, Software IT Architect, Software Architect Profession Leader, Business Unit Executive, and Rational Brand Technical Executive at IBM over the course of 21 years, Entrepreneur Advisory Board Chair at Boomerang Ventures, CEO and Founder & Chief Evangelist at ClearObject, and Industrial Advisory Board Member at Purdue Polytechnic Institute.

Currently, John works for various places such as Managing Entrepreneur at NEXT Studios, Steering Committee Member at Cloud Standards Customer Council, Member at Forbes Technology Council, Board Member at the STARTedUP Foundation, Board Member at TechPoint (Indiana), Founder & Vice Chairman of the Political Action Committee at Indiana Technology and Innovation Association, member of the Dean’s Council and President’s Club at Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Board Member at Indy Chamber, Chairman of Indiana Technology & Innovation Committee at Indiana Chamber of Commerce, and as Lay Minister and Director of Worship Arts at Holy Cross Lutheran Indianapolis.

John has accumulated an enormous skill set from his experiences such as data analytics, cloud architecture, business development and intelligence, enterprise software, and exceptional leadership. John helps mentor entrepreneurs with their software.

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