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Appriss Inc., a Louisville Tech Company to Watch

By November 9, 2018 No Comments

Endeavor is committed to leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world, and Endeavor Louisville is working to ensure it happens at home in our region. However, we’re not the only ones dedicated to high-impact results. One innovative, Kentucky-based tech company is working hard to effect change in public safety, retail fraud, and narcotics. Their astounding success makes them a tech company to watch.

Appriss Inc. Logo

Appriss Inc.  

One of Appriss Inc.’s slogans is “Doing the right things with data.” We believe they are. This 2018 “Best Places to Work in Kentucky” winner is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company whose thought leaders provide innovative solutions to the big challenges complicating our lives. Before developing tech, they ask, “is there a large problem that affects our society; can technology and analytical minds solve the problem; and does solving the problem create social good?” From conception, Appriss has been on a mission to make lives better. Its founders were inspired by the murder of a young woman. Fueled by the desire to save the lives of future victims, they created the nation’s first automated victim notification platform, VINE. Since then, Appriss has grown in three separate areas connected by a drive better the global community.

Appriss Safety

As part of their criminal justice initiative, Appriss Safety works to “Save lives, fight crime. Prevent fraud, manage risk.” They’ve developed multiple solutions to prevent crime before it happens and intervene during criminal activities. Two of their platforms, MobilePatrolTM and Justice Intelligence©, assist law enforcement and crime analysts by providing nearly instantaneous data. Other solutions, like Risk Intelligence© and Incarceration Intelligence©, mitigate fraud and enforce entitlement laws, improving taxpayers’ lives by saving their hard-earned dollars.   

Appriss Retail

Appriss innovation doesn’t stop at safety. They’re helping communities by working to solve retail fraud through their Appriss Retail platforms because when retailers lose money to fraud, everyone pays. Fraud forces retailers to raise prices and reduce costs in other ways, like eliminating jobs, which affects the community. Appriss technology is working hard to mitigate fraud with multiple solutions. Their Verify© platform “provides leading predictive analytics solutions to retailers to prevent return fraud,” while SecureTM Store’s analytics work to “pinpoint situations with people, places, products, and processes” to prevent loss faster both in e-commerce and on site. Appriss Retail’s success earned them a place as one of 2018’s “Top 10 Retail Tech Solution Providers” in the October issue of the renowned industry magazine, CIO Applications.

Appriss Health

It’s no secret that drug abuse is a problem in America. Appriss Health is tackling it head-on with solutions to “identify, prevent and manage substance use disorder.” The impressive results have earned them national recognition. Two of Appriss Health’s solutions, NPLEx© and MethCheck©, analyze pharmacy requests for over-the-counter medicines used to make methamphetamines, then flag suspicious sales in real time. Their prescription monitoring solutions work the other side of the drug issue, combating opioid abuse by helping “physicians, pharmacists, and state administrators identify, prevent, and manage” drug dependency.

Tech to Watch

At Endeavor Louisville, we’re excited to see this local, cutting-edge company work to accelerate high-impact solutions to the problems facing our communities. Be sure to keep an eye on this innovator as they’re without a doubt among the Louisville tech company elite.