Last year, Endeavor launched its second cohort of Salesforce Champions, a professional development program for Endeavor staff members from around the world to enhance their Salesforce knowledge and skills. Following a detailed application process, 10 Endeavor staff members were selected to represent their local Endeavor offices in the 2019-2020 Salesforce Champions cohort. The 11-month program provides the Champions with in-depth training, an advanced Salesforce skill set, and the confidence to improve the technology and information landscape across Endeavor offices.

Jake Budler, Endeavor Louisville’s Entrepreneur Selection and Growth Associate, was selected as one of the 10 Champions in this second cohort. As part of the program, Jake is participating in life-changing career development training and learning how to maximize the efficiency of Salesforce in a global non-profit organization.

Endeavor’s Salesforce Champions are provided a unique opportunity to attend Dreamforce, the world’s largest tech conference, and help shape the future of technology at Endeavor. The Champions spent a week in San Francisco in November, 2019, and will spend a week in New York City in 2020, where they will receive intensive training and share best practices with industry peers. The Champions Program is running from July 8th, 2019 through May 31st, 2020, and it is led by the Senior Salesforce Admin for Endeavor Global, Mackenzie Coats and Junior Salesforce Admin, Sanjay Thapa.

Endeavor Salesforce Champions Attend Dreamforce

For the last 11 years, the CRM giant Salesforce has hosted Dreamforce, the world’s largest tech conference. Salesforce has used Dreamforce as a stage to deliver its biggest innovations, and shape the way thousands of companies utilize and organize data. On Monday, November 19th, the Endeavor Salesforce Champions kicked off a week in San Francisco with a training day hosted at Endeavor’s global partner, Bain & Company. This gave Jake and the other Champions a chance to connect what they were about to learn during the conference to real-world projects back at their home offices.

From Tuesday to Friday, Jake and the other Champions attended the Dreamforce conference, hearing from speakers including Marc Benioff and former President Barack Obama, and attending key training sessions. Finally, on Friday afternoon, the Champions closed the week with an in-depth recap session, which gave them a chance to digest all of the information they learned and be better prepared to share their experiences and knowledge with it their local offices.

During Dreamforce, Endeavor Senior Salesforce Admin Mackenzie Coats spoke on the panel “Lightning Transition on a Non-Profit Budget,” highlighting Endeavor’s successful transition to Salesforce Lightning and the key elements that made it all come together. Other noteworthy workshops the Champions attended were “Dreaming Big, Done Right: Using Data to Transform Programs, Culture, and Outcomes” and “Moving Toward Mastery: Report and Dashboard Features You Should Know.” Attending Dreamforce equipped Endeavor’s Champions with the skill sets and confidence that they need to make each of their offices maximally data-informed and efficient.

Wrapping Up the Salesforce Champions Program

In May 2020, the Endeavor Salesforce Champions will also attend the Salesforce World Tour in New York City. They will continue to grow their skills and learn from highly-regarded thought leaders in the industry. The Champions will interact with industry peers and learn from each other as they share best practices and other information. This additional training will prepare the Champions to improve the efficiency of their entire office and make decisions that will affect the entire Endeavor organization.

Endeavor’s Salesforce Champions program helps the Endeavor global network continue to grow and provide better support to the 2,000+ Endeavor Entrepreneurs around the world. But it isn’t over, and Jake is looking forward to completing the rest of the program in May.