My name is Alvin Chung and I am a rising junior at Yale majoring in Economics and Music. This summer, I interned at Endeavor in Louisville. Since I’ve always been curious about entrepreneurship, I was excited to meet entrepreneurs and learn how businesses grow. Being a global organization that supports communities by supporting entrepreneurs, Endeavor allowed me to work with both people and businesses.

Right from the start, I got to meet entrepreneurs and learn firsthand what it takes to build a successful business. During the very first week of my internship, I attended an Endeavor Entrepreneur meet-up. It was exciting to interact with such accomplished entrepreneurs as an undergraduate student. I learned about their goals and inspirations, and even received advice on pursuing my own career path. A few weeks later, I attended a Local Selection Panel (LSP) and sat among several Endeavor board members. Just by sitting in the same room as these accomplished entrepreneurs, I was able to witness how they broke down a company into different components and identified key areas for growth and improvement. Only at Endeavor would I have been able to see so many entrepreneurs consistently donating their time to helping other entrepreneurs, despite their busy schedules.

Exploring What Louisville Has to Offer

As an east coast resident, I knew very little about Louisville, Kentucky before my internship started. I was under the impression that it would be very old-fashioned, but after arriving in Louisville, my perception changed drastically. When I wasn’t at work, I was exploring the city with other students. We ventured through areas of the Parklands and experienced Frederick Law Olmstead’s beautiful work of art. We learned how well-designed public parks can help create thriving communities and strong economies. We also went to Churchill Downs and watched horses speed down the racetrack—I had never seen anything like it. It was a loud and exciting environment to be in, and I even won some money! Turns out the Derby is actually its own season that lasts for two weeks in May. We also visited the American Printing House for the Blind and Louisville Public Media. I’ve come to realize that Louisville is a very vibrant community full of innovation. This spirit is clearly reflected in the Endeavor entrepreneurs, board members, and employees from Louisville. 

Becoming a Part of the Endeavor Family

Alvin Chung

During my internship, I saw firsthand how Endeavor brings people together to create change. Although its primary focus is to help high-impact and high-growth companies flourish, it also serves as a catalyst for personal growth. Because there are so many people who are committed to its vision, Endeavor creates strong communities comprised of individuals who are intent on developing the next generation of entrepreneurs and serving their local ecosystems. Although Endeavor is one large community, it also fosters strong relationships between entrepreneurs, mentors, and the people who work at Endeavor. I’m thankful that I got to work with the most amazing people for 10 weeks and learn from them every day. 

Working with Endeavor has been such a positive learning experience, as well as a catalyst for personal growth. I can say for certain that the memories I’ve created in Louisville, Kentucky will always remain a part of me. Endeavor is a global movement that inspires community and innovation, and I am so grateful to have become a part of the family.

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