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Two Kentucky companies selected at Atlanta’s Endeavor International Selection Panel

Atlanta, GA – September 26, 2019

(L-R) Jonathan Webb (of AppHarvest), Jackson Andrews, Leonard Napolitano, Eric Shriner, and Steve Huey (of Capture Higher Ed), Raechele Gray, and Jake Budler representing the Louisville region at the 90th ISP Welcome Dinner.

Endeavor announced today that four entrepreneurs from two Kentucky companies, Capture Higher Ed (Louisville) and AppHarvest (Morehead), were selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs at the 90th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Atlanta, GA. The ISP is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step selection process to identify high-impact entrepreneurs who demonstrate the potential to leverage Endeavor’s resources and mentorship to create large-scale wealth and jobs, and are committed to reinvesting their time and money in their local entrepreneurship ecosystems to help others take off.

“Capture Higher Ed and AppHarvest represented themselves and our region in terrific fashion and have many people buzzing about what is happening in our market,” explained Jackson Andrews, Managing
Director, Endeavor (Louisville Office). “They represent the future of work and opportunity in our community. Our market firmly on the map for high-growth entrepreneurship and our impact is amplifying – big day for our growing Endeavor community!”

Founded by Jonathan Webb, AppHarvest is leading a paradigm shift in American agriculture that will dramatically increase output per acre and reduce the US’ reliance on fresh produce imports while shrinking the environmental costs of farming. The company is currently building North America’s largest greenhouse, the first in a series of massive indoor farms, which will produce tomatoes and cucumbers year-round using water-efficient, pesticide-free, hydroponic growing techniques. Jonathan was selected into Endeavor by a panel of global business leaders including: David Cummings (USA), Gregory Duval (USA), Dave Gray (USA), Robin Moriarty (USA), Samantha Skey (USA), and Andreas Stavropoulos (USA / Greece).

Jonathan Webb (AppHarvest) presenting to ISP Panelist Robin Moriarty (USA / Atlanta) and Gregory Duval (USA / Western NY).

Capture Higher Ed (“Capture”) offers a path towards a smarter, more streamlined recruiting cycle. Founded and co-led by Steve Huey, Eric Shriner, and Leonard Napolitano, Capture is a machine learning-enabled analytics platform that analyzes student data and online behavior to identify and reach prospects who are likely to apply, enroll, and ultimately graduate. Steve, Eric and Leonard were selected into Endeavor by a panel of global business leaders including: Ryan Heckman (USA), Lane Moore (USA), Nina Richardson (USA), David Rosenberg (USA), Mauro Schnaidman (USA / Brazil), and Lisa Shalett (USA).

At the Atlanta ISP, panelists from around the world interviewed entrepreneur candidates about their businesses, evaluating them on their potential for high-impact growth, and then deliberated on which candidates should be selected to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Once selected, Endeavor Entrepreneurs gain access to an unparalleled global network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, & investors who volunteer to mentor entrepreneurs as they face challenges with rapid growth.

“The ISP represents the heart and soul of the Endeavor experience, where today’s business leaders dedicate their time and expertise to lifting up the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs,” said Endeavor Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “We look forward to supporting the newest Endeavor Entrepreneurs in their journeys to scale, and welcoming them into our global network!”

(L-R) Eric Shriner, Steve Huey, Jackson Andrews, Hank Dudgeon (Founding Board Member), Jonathan Webb, Raechele Gray, and Jake Budler celebrating our newly selected Endeavor Entrepreneurs at the 90th ISP Feedback Dinner.

Capture Higher Ed and AppHarvest are the 12th & 13th companies, respectively, selected into the global Endeavor network through the regional affiliated office in Louisville, Kentucky. All four entrepreneurs represent the growing expectation for exceptional entrepreneurs with big ambitions and the ability to execute at scale. They join Rivera Group (Joey Rivera, Ph.D), Red e App (Jonathan Erwin & Patrick Goodman), El Toro (Stacy Griggs), SkuVault (Andy Eastes & Slav Ivanyuk), Edj Analytics (Sean O’Leary), Handle (Kyle Green), MXD Process (Mark Franco), Rabbit Hole Distillery (Kaveh Zamanian), Hot Chicken Takeover (Joe DeLoss), LISNR (Rodney Williams) and Switcher Studio (Nick Mattingly).

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Article published by Endeavor Global