Global Acceleration Panel – 74th Endeavor ISP in Brooklyn

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Two years after initial selection, Endeavor Entrepreneurs are able to return to an International Selection Panel and experience the magic again by presenting next stage growth challenges to a global panel of Endeavor mentors, also known as a Global Acceleration Panel. In doing so, the entrepreneurs receive fresh feedback and insights on their future strategy to help them reach that next big milestone. Endeavor Entrepreneur Dr. Joey Rivera, Founder & CEO of Rivera Group, recently presented to a Global Acceleration Panel during the 74th Endeavor International Selection Panel held in Brooklyn from September 11th-13th. The process was a catalyst for a focused outcome and palpable impact on Rivera Group’s future growth trajectory.

Since being selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in Marrakech, Morocco during the 61st International Selection Panel (ISP) in 2015, Rivera Group has successfully executed on the development and market release of their flagship cyber-security product, Eagle6. The result has been rapid growth in the massive and fast-moving cyber industry. This expanding opportunity set created a number of growth paths, yet it was unclear which mountain Dr. Rivera should climb next and, depending on the strategy, if he was the right person to lead the climb.

Over the course of two and a half days, Dr. Rivera was pushed to not only clarify the future business strategy, but to clarify what he wanted to achieve as an entrepreneur. Among the members of Endeavor providing guidance were: Chris Bierly, a Partner at Bain & Company; Mbuvi Ngunze, former CEO of Kenya Airways; Jasen Ko, the CEO of ActMedia; Jacques Chappuis with Morgan Stanley, who serves as Global Head of Sales & Marketing and Co-Head of the Solutions & Multi-Asset Group; Mauro Schnaidman, the President & CEO of Jafra Cosmetics; and Jared Weinstein, a Partner & COO at Thrive Capital.

The biggest reminder throughout the few days in Brooklyn was that it is ultimately the entrepreneur’s responsibility to determine the company’s vision. The business strategy then follows. Articulating this vision was initially absent and Dr. Rivera was constantly refocused by mentors with the question, “What is it that you want to achieve as the entrepreneur?” This question pushed him to ultimately think about and define Rivera Group’s future path. On the final day with the Global Acceleration Panel, Dr. Rivera proudly articulated a focused vision and identified the next mountain to climb. Cheers and applause erupted across the room in recognition of this impactful moment. Dr. Rivera was unencumbered to optimize the business strategy towards a big, new goal. At last, the path had been cleared for great things ahead.

As Chris Bierly, Partner at Bain & Company shared with Joey, “You might just find that you are the right person to lead your team up this new mountain.”

The power of Endeavor is the people, and the magic of the Endeavor International Selection Panel is bringing talented and thoughtful people together from around the world in service of high-impact entrepreneurship. The opportunity for aspiring Endeavor Entrepreneurs and already selected Endeavor Entrepreneurs alike to engage with global business leaders, receive feedback, build new relationships, and help bring focus to their BIG vision is a powerful one. We are excited for the future of all current and aspiring Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

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