#HerImpact: The Narrative Changes Now

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#HerImpact: The Narrative Changes Now

This International Women’s Day, Endeavor is answering the call to action to build a better, more gender-balanced world.

At Endeavor, we believe in a world where anyone, from anywhere, can hatch an idea; access the networks, talents and capital to take it to scale; achieve success; and pay it forward to inspire and enable the next generation. Our mission has been to build that world, selecting and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs with the potential to transform their local economies and culture around entrepreneurship through job and wealth creation and the reinvestment of their time and money.

Much has evolved since we first started out. Today we’re proud to support 1,800 high-impact entrepreneurs in 34 diverse markets around the world with an unparalleled peer and mentor network. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created 1.5 million jobs, generate billions of dollars each year in revenues for their local economies, and receive major international investment, bringing more VC activity to growth markets. Entrepreneurial role models aren’t just in Silicon Valley anymore, but all around the world, inspiring and guiding the next generation of founders in their communities.

But when it comes to gender diversity, we know there is still a long way to go. Just 17% of startups are female founded. Even more disproportionate, according to Pitchbook, about $9 out of $10 of venture capital in the U.S. goes to male founders. And while Endeavor’s network benefits from immense diversity in geography and industry, just 20% of our active Endeavor Entrepreneurs are women.

More equal gender representation is essential for economies, and communities, to grow and thrive. We recognized the need to tap into our entrepreneurial DNA and think BIGGER about how we can strengthen our network. That’s why we’ve launched the Women in High-Impact Entrepreneurship Community (WHIE), a program focused on growing and supporting our community of female network members, from entrepreneurs to mentors to investors. As part of this initiative, we commit to:

1.) Adding voices to our story.

Throughout this week, leading up to International Women’s Day, we’ve dedicated our platforms exclusively to high-impact women in Endeavor’s worldwide network, including mentors, investors, and Endeavor Entrepreneurs. We pledge to sustain the effort to share more perspectives, accomplishments, and insights from women, increasing their percentage of the content we produce and the stories we tell.

2.) Closing the gender gap in our network.

We’re striving for 30% of Endeavor’s network to be comprised of women by 2025. Through targeted events and active recruitment, we’re striving to sign on more women mentors and investors to support our entrepreneurs, more women business leaders to participate in the entrepreneur selection process, and more women-led scale-ups to join the network.

3.) Investing in women.

We’re proud to announce a partnership with The Billion Dollar Fund to commit $5M+ of Endeavor Catalyst funds as part of the $1B investment pledge to female-led companies over the next two years. We’re proud of the impact we’ve made thus far: Through Endeavor Catalyst, Endeavor has supported diverse, high-impact female founders in Latin America, the Middle East, and the U.S., in their major funding rounds. Now, we’re formalizing and doubling down on our efforts to increase the number of scale-ups led by women in Endeavor Catalyst’s portfolio, and support them with access to capital as they grow.

As we look toward Endeavor’s future, we know that these goals and commitments will be of vital importance to continuing to scale our network and lead the high-impact entrepreneurship movement. We hope you’ll join us as we challenge ourselves to work toward a stronger future.

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Endeavor’s #HerImpact series is part of our ongoing commitment to increase gender diversity within the Endeavor network. #HerImpact is devoted to elevating the voices, sharing the perspectives, and showcasing the professional expertise of women in Endeavor’s global network. Learn more about how you can get involved with Women in High Impact Entrepreneurship at Endeavor here: