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Endeavor’s Executive Education programs are a key part of Endeavor’s demand-driven services designed to turbocharge our entrepreneurs’ individual scale-up journeys. Throughout the month of August, three programs were held: one at INSEAD in Singapore, one at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a third at Harvard Business School. The three programs convened a combined total of 150 Endeavor Entrepreneurs from nearly 30 markets for week-long courses.
Harvard Business School

Endeavor Entrepreneur Mark Franco, President and CEO of MXD Process, recently attended one of our longest-running executive education initiatives, Harvard Business School’s “Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures” program. After returning from his time in Boston, we sat down with Franco to discuss his experiences with the Endeavor program.

Over the course of the program, Endeavor Entrepreneurs were immersed in interactive classes led by world-class faculty at HBS and enhanced their skills in assessing growth opportunities, serving as effective leaders, and acquiring new customers. Participants were also afforded the chance to connect with their global peers across different markets and industries to learn from each other and share common challenges.

“HBS was wonderful and incredibly beneficial! The chance to be with other entrepreneurs and collectively think through challenges was very worthwhile. What I’ve gained is going to be extremely helpful for the road we have ahead,” Mark exclaimed.

Every year, Endeavor works closely with Harvard faculty to craft a tailored curriculum for the educational sessions offered. Through case studies and an experiential approach, HBS creates a space for participants to collaborate with the case study subjects in person.  This year’s experience was no different, however, for Mark and his cohort, one case study was particularly special: engaging with fellow Endeavor Entrepreneur Joe DeLoss on his HBS case study, Hot Chicken Takeover, released February of this year.

“It was our first time meeting in person,” Mark shared. “Having him there to talk about Hot Chicken Takeover, answer questions, and open up about his successes and challenges was priceless.”

Franco encourages other Endeavor Entrepreneurs to attend the HBS program. It provides a chance to step away from the day-to-day grind of business and learn from people and peers who are experienced at growing their companies. 

“I think everyone should experience this if they’re afforded the chance. Truly remarkable what you get out of it.” 

If you’re a high-impact entrepreneur and want to learn more about the Endeavor network, reach out to us via our application page. We’d love to hear from you!