Brook T. Smith

Areas of Expertise

Strategic analysis and planning, finance, and credit. I combine each with real world function and creativity.

On Endeavor Louisville

The Louisville entrepreneurial ecosystem and Endeavor are a rare perfect fit. Endeavor’s ethos, its staff, its board, and most importantly, the Endeavor Louisville Entrepreneurs, collectively form the powerful catalyst necessary to elevate the entrepreneurial community in our region to a whole new level.

On Overcoming His Biggest Challenge

My experience as a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist has brought me to experience a fair share of entrepreneurial challenges. Looking back, it’s relieving to finally understand that no matter how tough, difficult, and insurmountable a challenge may seem, there is always a way to get through, around, and beyond it. True peace with this realization makes everything simpler.

On His Proudest Moment in Business

The moment I realized that the purpose of my work wasn’t about relishing in my own achievements, but rather in learning about and truly helping others. It’s really about guiding a client through a challenge or empowering an individual to obtain beneficial notoriety. In my experience, pride comes from grasping that it’s not about your own accomplishments, but all about the accomplishments of others whom you support.

On His Best Advice

Integrity is everything.

Fun Fact

I was a DJ and music director in college radio at WSBF FM Clemson.