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The old saying, “two heads are better than one” certainly rings true for regional Endeavor Entrepreneurs Jonathan Erwin and Patrick Goodman of Red e App, and Stacy Griggs, CEO and President of El Toro Marketing. The two companies have recently combined their entrepreneurial strengths to create HealthePassport, a comprehensive health management solution to help companies reopen safely and continue to protect the health of their employees and businesses by limiting exposure to, and slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Leveraging Red e App’s leading workflow and business communications platform, HealthePassport collects several health inputs from employees and utilizes contact tracing, including GPS-powered location tracking through a partnership with El Toro, the leader in mobile location analytics. This powerful portal allows companies to monitor outbreaks, identify at-risk employees and expedite communications between employers, managers and employees – keeping employees and businesses safe. HealthePassport also generates a mobile, color-coded Passport that can be used for employees to display their real-time health status so they can work in safety with reduced risk of exposure. The companies’ innovative product was recently
featured in TechRepublic.

“We believe this challenge needs to be tackled and managed by businesses for businesses,” said Red e App CEO, Jonathan Erwin. “The early results have shown that relying on consumers won’t produce actionable data, relying on manual tracing is too slow, and relying on a hodge-podge of platforms will create more complications than solutions.”

This unique partnership with El Toro and its top-of-the-line tracking capabilities combines the data learnings from two industry leaders, turning mobile devices into powerful, personal, protective devices.

“This is about saving lives and providing businesses with the tools and technologies that can allow them to open in a safe manner,” said Stacy Griggs, CEO of El Toro. “In order to do that you need a broad vista of data and broad participation.”

While this may mark the first time Red e App and El Toro have collaborated on a project, it’s not the first time the two have crossed paths. As three of Endeavor Louisville’s early Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Erwin, Goodman, and Griggs have been acquainted for quite some time.

Erwin and Goodman were the second and third Endeavor Entrepreneurs selected into the global Endeavor network of high-impact entrepreneurs from Louisville in December 2015 at the 62nd International Selection Panel hosted in Mexico City. Griggs entered the scene shortly after in February 2016, following his selection as the third Endeavor Entrepreneur from Louisville at the 63rd International Selection Panel in Dubai.

In addition to being selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur, Griggs has since joined the Endeavor Board to support Endeavor’s work across Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Both Griggs and Erwin are Peer Mentors for early-stage entrepreneurs in Endeavor Scale Up, a growth acceleration program that connects successful Endeavor Entrepreneurs with start-ups in the region.

Since their inductions to the Endeavor Network, Erwin, Goodman, and Griggs have led by example, growing, scaling and making a positive impact in their industries, and in the region. It was only a matter of time before the entrepreneurial minds of both came together to help solve an issue troubling the nation.