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Case Study: How Red e App Improved Workflow for Trilogy Employees

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The Endeavor network is comprised of companies that are driven to find solutions that improve workers’ lives around the world. Here in Louisville, we are lucky to have some industry-leading innovators right here in our region. Take for example, Patrick Goodman and Jonathan Erwin of Red e App, who teamed up with Trilogy Health Services and applied their enterprise communication software to improve function company-wide. They recently shared a case study that is an excellent display of the success fostered when large enterprises (BigCo’s) hire innovative growth-stage companies. See the full case study linked here.

Trilogy Health Services

Trilogy Health Services is a senior living community with assisted living homes throughout the Midwest. Its employees include chefs, cooks, facility managers, PRNs, and CNAs, that don’t typically spend their days in an office setting with the availability of email communication. Many employees rely on word of mouth, break room posters, and “trickle down” communication from managers. This lack of real-time communication resulted in a disconnect among employees, and negatively impacted operational efficiency. Trilogy sought out a way to streamline communication and found that Red e App’s mobile platform matched the needs Trilogy’s non-desk workforce desperately needed.

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The Challenge

Trilogy knew that implementing a new company-wide communication protocol presented a unique set of challenges to overcome. With over 15,000 staff members in 110 locations region-wide, they would need a system that could be easily applicable in different locations. The assisted living industry also faces a 55-75% industry-wide turnover rate in nursing aid positions, and the need for a protocol that is both quick and simple to learn was a top priority for employees. Analog communication measures, like bulletin board postings, almost always became outdated as soon as they were posted, leaving many employees scrambling to fill shifts and feeling disengaged and burned out sooner.

How Red e App Helped

Red e App’s goal was to help Trilogy improve communication in many corporate-wide areas including change management, safety and compliance, training/learning, shift coverage and optimization, employee recognition, accountability, and data management.

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The Results

  • 11,000 employees connected
  • 3,700,000+ messages deployed
  • 75+ employees using the app

Within months of implementing Red e App’s online communication portal, 75% of Trilogy employees had downloaded that app. After just six months of using the Red e App, Employee Satisfaction scores improved significantly, and employees felt that they had a better connection to their job roles, management, and the overall company. Over 24 consecutive months, Trilogy had over 11,000 employees connected with upwards of 3,700,000 messages deployed through the app. Trilogy employees found that Red e App gave them access to critical job documentation and unprecedented visibility to company-wide engagements.

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Red e App & Endeavor

Success stories like Red e App and Trilogy are the foundation of what it means to be a high-impact business. At Endeavor, we continuously seek to support entrepreneurs that are ready to scale their business and take their reach to the next level. To learn more about becoming an Endeavor Entrepreneur see our application page. We look forward to hearing from you!