This month, as part of Endeavor Louisville’s Scale Up program, select entrepreneurs completed EY’s 7 Drivers of Growth workshops. Designed for growth-stage companies, 7 Drivers of Growth is a framework, enabled by a digital platform, that helps entrepreneurs assess their business’ unique capabilities and grow across seven key areas: people, behaviors, and culture, digital, technology and analytics, operations, customer, funding and finance, transactions and alliance, and risk. A partner in the Scale Up program, EY generously made the 7 Drivers of Growth workshops available to Scale Up entrepreneurs. 

A typical 7 Drivers of Growth workshop, led by a trained EY consultant, gives entrepreneurs insight into their current capabilities relative to their future aspirations. Entrepreneurs also receive insight into the practices of the world’s leading companies, clarity around strategic priorities and challenges, and most importantly, a prioritized list of activities to help the companies achieve the next level of growth.

UntitledSpace TangoFreshFry, and Trim are some of the first companies to leverage the 7 Drivers of Growth framework in the Louisville region. Below, read their unfiltered thoughts on the program and get a glimpse into the world of our Scale Up entrepreneurs.

Untitled Firm

“7 Drivers of Growth was a pragmatic workshop to accentuate items that have been top-of-mind for Untitled, as well as bring to light items that have slipped past our consideration. Overall, the session was a great time for the founders of Untitled to refocus on critical components to our business and prepare for our next wave of scale. 

Following the session, we plan to implement a more rigorous customer feedback loop, and identify key executive hires and partnerships we’ll need to make to facilitate our growth. 

We believe that the 7 Drivers of Growth will continue to influence how we think about every threshold of scale in our business. We think that EY has provided a great road map for traversing both short-term and long-term business hurdles, and the Scale Up program orchestrated by Endeavor will be influential to Untitled for years to come.” 

– Aaron Peabody, Lead Data Scientist at Untitled Firm   

Space Tango

“The 7 Drivers of Growth workshop was a great experience for us to really think through our business at its current state, where we’re going, [and] how larger companies solve these problems. 

[Following the sessions, we want to] formalize our employment structure and audit our legal agreements to better reflect our current status as a business. As the lessons learned are implemented throughout the company, we hope to be more efficient in our operations and provide better planning and strategy for new initiatives.” 

– Twyman Clements, CEO and Founder at Space Tango


“The 7 Drivers of Growth workshop was a pretty non-invasive way to expose strengths and weaknesses. The app flowed pretty well and took a high-level view of our business, which is nice when we’re spending day-in, day-out in the weeds. 

[Following the session, we want] to bring our findings to the team and dig deeper into the high-urgency, high-impact action items, then break down those items into smaller chunks that can be executed. 

I definitely see this workshop helping our company become more well-rounded. We’ve focused so much on our product and customers that our other business functions are reactive. The 7 Drivers of Growth workshop will guide us on a more proactive path.” 

– Jacob Huff, Chief Operating Officer at FreshFry

“7 Drivers of Growth is a progressive and interactive workshop that not only initiates relevant and forward-looking conversation, it also assists with fine-tuning critical needs and action items.

By providing with a physical report of our planning session, we can meet as a leadership team to identify key takeaways and realign critical resources to meet urgent needs as necessary. 

I think the 7 Drivers of Growth Workshop will be a sort of ‘quick reference guide’ for the future to see where our progress is ‘netting out’ in critical areas and if we are resourced for growth around our core strategic vision as we move forward.” 

– Laura Melillo Barnum of

These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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