SkuVault Expands into New Space

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Louisville Startup Can’t Stop Growing!

LOUISVILLE (Feb 23, 2017) – 2016 was an amazing year for SkuVault, Louisville’s web-based eCommerce inventory and warehouse management system, in growth, revenue, and recognition.

In 2011 the startup clustered in a small 50-square-foot closet of a local online shoe seller with four employees. SkuVault now boasts 5,000-square-feet and 50+ employees for 2017. SkuVault moved all employees under one roof in late January 2017, adding 2000-square-feet in an office building off Plantside Drive in Jeffersontown.

“We are very excited about our new space, we have room to accommodate our growth and our team is back together after 6 months of occupying two offices. The amount of unplanned interactions and collaboration is already back to where it was and that was what we missed the most,” exclaimed Andy Eastes, CEO of SkuVault.

Exponential growth landed SkuVault in 2nd place for Business First 2016 Fast 50 growing companies in Louisville and as a finalist in GLI INCredible awards. Since then, SkuVault’s CEO Andy Eastes was awarded the DeSales Catholic High School’s Young Alumnus of the Year, and has been selected as a member of the prestigious Endeavor Entrepreneur global and local chapters. All of this is an incredible feat for a bootstrapped startup.

“It’s exciting that the timing [of the move] coincided with some of our major new releases such as support for containers, cross-docking, our new Android/iOS app, and support for FIFO & serialization,” noted Eastes. Many of these additions help to distinguish the software from competitors in the warehouse management space, and helps to further open up new markets, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and more.

SkuVault is representing Louisville on a global scale with increased international presence in 17 countries, a 51% increase in sales, and 70% increase in revenue at the end of 2016. With so much growth, SkuVault is hoping to open it’s doors to several more local tech, marketing, and sales employees.

 For more information, contact SkuVault by email at info@skuvault.com or phone at 502-759-5491.