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You don’t need a marketing degree to know that video is the future of digital content. In the age of three-second attention spans and visual communication platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, brands, agencies, corporate entities, and the like are utilizing video to share their message in an engaging, albeit expensive, manner. 

But Nick Mattingly, an agency lead turned business owner and Endeavor Entrepreneur, was able to see an opportunity beyond expensive video production and introduce a truly innovative solution to market. With the launch of Switcher Studio, the first multi-camera live video creation platform for iOS, Mattingly and team successfully turned professional video—a traditionally time-consuming, technical, and exorbitantly expensive medium—into a communication method that’s accessible to all. 

With plans starting at just $29 a month, Switcher is arguably one of the most budget-friendly, high-quality video and editing platforms on the market. Using devices they already own, users can shoot, edit, and upload professional-grade videos from a single app, complete with graphical elements, photos, videos, transitions, sound effects, and more. Since launch, Switcher has established launch partner status with Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, and Microsoft Stream as part of Office 365. The company also offers higher levels of service for businesses and larger organizations, and counts big-name companies like Mars, Cisco, WWE, the Golf Channel, L’Oreal, Cracker Barrel, and more as clients. 

Below, read up on how Switcher Studio went from Louisville startup to a Google Startup Grind Top 50 Company with customers in 115 countries in just five short years. 

The Switcher Studio Story Switcher Studio Profile

Nick Mattingly’s work as the founder of a video agency serendipitously led to the creation of Switcher Studio. After witnessing countless clients’ immense interest in video content and their subsequent hesitation upon hearing the cost of gear and talent required to execute on video, Mattingly took matters into his own hands. He was able to strip away the expensive production costs associated with traditional professional video, significantly decreasing the lag time between initial customer interest and investment. 

“I decided to go all-in, so I went two years without a paycheck,” he told Insider Louisville. “We were bootstrapped, self-funded, and in 2016 we restructured the company so that we could bring more people on and do a relaunch of the product.” 

Within two years of the company’s restructuring, Mattingly and team hit $1 million in revenue, expanded their team of four to a team of 15, landed partnerships with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft, and earned a coveted spot on Google’s list of Startup Grind companies in 2018. What’s more, Mattingly and team are set to blow their 2018 revenue “out of the water” in 2019. 

“There’s this big ripple effect—not only are we building a great platform where our customers benefit, but the videos they make have an impact on their communities and their audience,” he told Louisville Business First. “Within the global ecosystem, there’s an opportunity for us to be a pillar and create jobs and help people think differently about content.”

Support From the Louisville Community 

Despite having customers in 115 countries as well as a research and development office in Switzerland called Switcher Labs, Mattingly and team still call Louisville, Kentucky home. 

The team experienced an incredible amount of encouragement from the Kentucky community upon launch, including support from Endeavor mentor John Wilmoth of Poplar Ventures, who also serves on the company’s board. “John has been an incredible resource for us to think bigger and as a connector,” Mattingly said. “I think it’s really great we have someone like that in the community.”  

Switcher Studio received additional investments from others including Airwing Ventures, Kentucky Enterprise Fund, Sequel Fund, Pioneer Ventures (Yloft), Cherub Fund, and Ed Henson, a former board of director at the National Association of Broadcasters. As Insider Louisville reports, local companies like Work the Metal and podcaster and real estate agent Jay Pitts remain some of Switcher’s most dedicated customers. “We can very easily produce something that looks very highly produced,” Pitts told the publication. “It makes so much sense in so many ways. It makes use of what you have, and it requires no equipment purchase.” 

Endeavor Louisville welcomed Mattingly into our global network this past April. He was selected at the 87th International Selection Panel in Madrid, Spain, by a panel of global business leaders, including John Farrell, the former director of YouTube in Latin America. Mattingly has been strategic about timing with Endeavor, and the Louisville team believes that the shift in Switcher’s go-to-market puts the company at the perfect inflection point to join the global network. In his words, the Endeavor network will help him “get really good talent in other places, and bring that talent to Louisville,” he said. “We can hire here and bring people here. We can get the best and brightest, no matter where they are.”

What’s Next for Switcher Studio 

After just five short years, Mattingly and team already have a laundry list of accomplishments to hang their hats on. But true to form, Mattingly’s expectations remain high. 

“It’s just incredible to see how many people we’ve touched with this, and I think there’s a huge opportunity — there’s never going to be less video,” Mattingly said. “It’s going to be more and more important to stand out, I think to some extent we are envisioning a world that doesn’t exist yet, where every business is going to be required to communicate with video,” he explained. “But we’re not just going to wait for that to happen, we’re going to help make that happen.” 

Head over to Switcher Studio’s website to learn more, and reach out via our application page to learn more about the Endeavor network!