Patrick Henshaw, Kyle Green, and Jackson Andrews

Techstars Startup Week Cincinnati is a five-day event that brings entrepreneurs, local leaders, and the city of Cincinnati together to build momentum and opportunity around the community’s unique entrepreneurial identity. Startup Week is a catalyst of opportunity for local entrepreneurs to connect with leaders in the region and for veteran entrepreneurs to share their startup success stories and strategies. Earlier this October, Startup Week Cincinnati hosted some of the area’s notable company founders and innovators to speak at events held at Union Hall in downtown Cincinnati.

Endeavor was included as one of the featured speakers for the week in a session titled “Think Local, Scale Global.” During this session, Endeavor Louisville’s Managing Director, Jackson Andrews, spoke about the process of scaling a company as a member of Endeavor’s global network. He was accompanied by Endeavor Entrepreneur Kyle Green, Founder and CEO of Handle Global, and Patrick Henshaw, VP of Growth, Startups & Tech at Cintrifuse.  

Watch the live feed of “Think Local, Scale Global” 

Endeavor’s Relationship with Handle Global

Handle Global, founded by Kyle Green, is an asset recovery and alternative sourcing platform that allows healthcare systems to buy and sell high-quality excess medical inventory, supplies, and equipment at competitive rates via its desktop and mobile applications. Kyle has an extensive background in the healthcare industry working in hospitals across the globe in various leadership and strategic roles, which drives his passion for making a difference in the industry.  “Endeavor stretches you to think bigger…So I started considering not just the secondary market, but why can’t we be the the procurement engine for new things? Why can’t we go faster in the U.S. and conquer that, and then think about how that will bring us into other parts of the world, too,” Green shared. Since launching four-and-a-half years ago in Louisville, Handle Global has seen significant growth. They continue to strive to become the platform for trading secondary healthcare assets in the country, with goals for international expansion on the horizon.

“One of the most special parts about Endeavor is that they can accelerate your network in ways that you couldn’t do in an organic, natural fashion to allow you to scale fast enough.”

–Kyle Green, Handle Global

Endeavor Builds a Global Foundation

As co-founder of Endeavor’s third U.S office, Jackson Andrews has witnessed his fair share of Endeavor companies scale up and expand globally. “Each entrepreneur’s company has unique circumstances, but there are patterns,” he said, “Endeavor is an answer to questions like, ‘How am I going to get there? How am I going to get access to that.’” At its inception 20 years ago, Endeavor founded its first office in Buenos Aires. Endeavor then established strong offices across the globe before launching offices in the U.S. Because of this, Endeavor U.S. companies are able to not only scale nationally, but build their international foundation with insight from entrepreneurial experts all over the world.

The Importance of a Network

While Endeavor’s global network is a valuable tool for connecting international markets, it also excels at connecting local markets to other valuable companies across each office’s respective region. An example of this is the relationship Cintrifuse and Endeavor Louisville have created, to help equip companies seeking to scale with more resources to do so. Together, these two organizations continue to amplify companies based in cities like Louisville and Cincinnati, where an economic pull is not as readily available, by giving them access to a network of resources that allow growth outside their region and across the nation and globe.

“If you’re in places like Louisville and Cincinnati that don’t have a robust network [of investors, mentors], the point of Endeavor is to wrap around you and to help shepherd you towards significant outside growth.”

–Kyle Green, Handle Global