Scale Up supports high-potential, fast-growth entrepreneurs in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. A non-dilutive growth accelerator that gives you access the resources, successful founders, and mentors across Endeavor’s regional network to scale to the next level.

How We Do It

A bespoke growth accelerator that fosters entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur connections, and connects founders with the right resources to reach the next level of scale.

  • 5-month program focused on entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur mentorship
  • Program kicks GrowthX’s product market fit workshop
  • An EY Financial Review gives you dedicated financial insight and feedback
  • Scale Up Acceleration Panel delivers in-depth mentor feedback
  • Program facilitates connections with Endeavor Entrepreneurs and top regional experts, including InnovateMap, On Plane Consulting, and Thompson Hine
  • Open to high-growth Seed-Series A stage entrepreneurs across KY / IN / OH
  • 50% of Scale Up slots are prioritized for diverse founders
  • Program cost is $600/month ($3000 total)
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Scale Up Partner: EY

EY Ripples: Financial Review and 7 Drivers of Growth

EY Financial Review

Meet with an EY Consultant for a 1:1 review of your financials and projections. You can also utilize the 7 Drivers of Growth platform to assess your company and identify strategic growth priorities.

GrowthX Product Market Fit Workshop

Products and markets are unique, but the path to finding product-market fit is not. It’s a formula. This workshop reveals the formula and includes practical and tactical takeaways that founders can apply in real-time.

Scale Up Acceleration Panel

A half-day panel where entrepreneurs have the chance to pitch their businesses to top regional mentors and entrepreneurs and receive in-depth, tactical feedback

Entrepreneur-to-Entrepreneur Connections

Each participating Scale Up entrepreneur is strategically paired with three Scale Up Mentors and Endeavor Entrepreneurs who assess the business and provide direct, honest feedback — from someone who has been there before.

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November 2020
Applications open
January 15 2021
Applications close
February 2021
Program launches with GrowthX Workshop
March 2021
Mentoring session #1
April 2021
Mentoring session #2
May 2021
Mentoring session #3
March - May 2021
EY Financial Review
June 2021
Scale Up Acceleration Panel

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