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Search and Selection

Endeavor uses its selection process to push and inspire even those entrepreneurs who aren’t selected.


Finding Local Entrepreneurs,
Creating Global Impact

Through a rigorous, multi-step selection process, Endeavor annually screens thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world. Candidates with the most innovative, high-growth ventures and with the greatest potential to become future mentors and investors are selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Our selection process begins in each local market and culminates in our world— renowned International Selection Panels (ISPs)—dynamic, invitation-only events held throughout the year in different cities around the world.

To qualify for an ISP, entrepreneurs must demonstrate that their company has reached a clear inflection point and shows real potential for regional, or global, scale and influence. Historically, fewer than 5% of candidates who enter the initial selection process move onto an ISP.

At each ISP, only those final candidates gaining unanimous approval from expert panelists become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. The Endeavor seal of approval carries significant weight with investors, partners, and other industry leaders.

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Pro-Active Research

Our Endeavor team uses its own research, recommendations from
the Endeavor network, and self-nominations to find potential candidates.


Endeavor staff assesses entrepreneur’s application and conducts
preliminary research to determine whether to interview the candidates.

First Opinion Reviews

Endeavor staff conducts a one-hour interview to assess the candidate’s viability.

Second Opinion Reviews

Endeavor mentors conduct multiple interviews with each candidate, probing the
business’s strategy, innovation, growth potential, and entrepreneurs’ personal qualities.

Local Selection Panel

4–8 local mentors and Board Members interview, deliberate,
and select candidates for an ISP.

International Selection Panel

International business leaders serve as panelists to interview candidates,
deliberate, and select a new class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs by unanimous vote.